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Instituto Ecológico (English)

Eco Institute

We want to give culinary classes to low income population at poor areas of Brazil

for free.

Unfortunately to eat healthy became an option only for those that have

money. People that can choose organic, fresh and quality food.

But this has always been one of the great advantages of living in rural and

poor parts of Brazil where people have access to organic food because they

planted it, fresh produce because to go out and buy food was expansive and

took a lot of time. Now all this has changed. To grow is now expansive and

to eat healthy became a possibility only for those who have money.

We want to change this. We want to show how eating healthy is simple, easy

and tasty. We want to share gastronomic and nutritional information to the

population that not even doctors can have access to with ease. Where a

nutritional appointment is impossible.

To grow your own food have stopped being a characteristic of the low income

population to become a luxury to hight income people. Technics of

agroforest, permaculture, growing without GMO`S is now restricted to those

who have the condition to afford it.

We want to share with people how to prepare heathy meals with food found in

the forest and areas near by their homes that don't use them because don't

know that they can be eaten, they don't harvest it because their ancestors

that knew they were not only free but also healthy and delicious, weren't

valued enough that this knowledge was lost.

There are more then 300.000 species of edible plants wasted every day and

people with hunger of nutrients, hunger of information, hunger of attention

and care.

we want to bring to the poorest people of this country information that

will not only change thing daily menu but their way of relating to their

surrounding by no longer buying old food, full of GMO`S at the grocery

store to start making their own meals with food available in their

neiborhood at their streets or even at their garden;

We want to mix culinary classes that will teach how to have a healthier,

ecological, natural life so that they can avoid most diseases that are

related with bad eating habits.



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juridic support

social media divulgation

people to support the cause


One culinary clarr of 3 hours costs $6/person with all the costs included.

We work with professionals divided by area, many are chefs, nutritionists

and naturopaths doctors at various cities of Brazil. We want to bring them

to the poorest areas and help with organizing speeches, courses, workshops and encounters.

We have over 50 partners though out Brazil capable of teaching simple and

cheap recipes for low income people from all over Brazil.

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